About us

Crossbridge is a company established by a group of senior managers with proven experience in the management of local and multinational  companies.
Created to support Italian companies who choose to embark in the challenge of bringing their business abroad, its main goal is to gain them access to budding markets in the Far East through the development of new business strategies.


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Born in Brescia on May 21st,1953, Paolo Engheben is an alum of University of Padua, where he graduated in Electronic Engineering. Throughout his career he has been head of sales and head of marketing in companies operating in the IT and services sectors. 
Worthy of notice are his tenure as CEO at Dell Italia, leading company in PC and PC server production, and as President and CEO for Dun & Bradstreet, leading company in Italy and Europe in the supply of financial and economic data.
In 2011 he founded Crossbridge S.r.l., company that supports Italian mid size companies in their internationalization efforts. 
He also received the certificate of competence of manager for internationalization processes issued by the Lombardy Region. 

Paolo Engheben is also "Member of the Board of Directors" of IMIT.


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