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we take your business worldwide
Who Are We
Our team is built around a core of highly skilled, high profile professionals with 30+ years of important work experience worldwide who want to put their expertise and strengths at your service.

Paolo Engheben
Founder and CEO  |

Born in Brescia on May 21st,1953, Paolo is an alum of University of Padua, where he graduated in Electronic Engineering. Throughout his career he has been head of sales and head of marketing in companies operating in the IT and services sectors.
Worthy of notice are his tenure as CEO at Dell Italia, leading company in PC and PC server production, and as President and CEO for Dun & Bradstreet, leading company in Italy and Europe in the supply of financial e economic data

Giuseppe Fiore
Partner  |

Giuseppe Fiore was born in San Giovanni Incarico (FR), on October 29th 1953. He holds an Engineering degree from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
Throughout his career he has held important roles in strategic marketing and sales for IT technology companies (IBM and Dell), in Italy, France and the U.S.. He started working for CONSIP (a company controlled by the Italian Ministry of Treasure and Economics) in 2001, becoming Director General while heralding the go-live and consolidation of the expense rationalisation program of goods and services for the Public Administration.
In 2008 he started a long standing collaboration with Rome City Hall in the project Roma Capitale, as City Hall geared a process towards expense rationalisation and centralisation of acquisitions. His last involvement with Roma Capitale was as Director of Servizi Azionista Roma, which involved defining strategic routes towards the dismissal/privatization of assets and building the participative Holding of Aziende Gruppo Roma Capitale

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